How to be a Nibblr Host

November 28, 2017

Step 1: Become part of the Nibblr Family

Join the Nibblr community by downloading the app on iOS or Google Play. Share your passion for cooking while making new friends and an income for yourself. When creating your Nibblr account customise your profile by letting people know what your interests are and your personal favourite discussion topics. Finally, plan on hosting a dinner. Or better yet surf the Nibblr dinners in your area to find the perfect dinner for you, and you are good to go! You have now officially joined the Nibblr family, where dinner is better when we eat together!

Step 2: Create your Nibblr Dinner

Make your dinner an official event through the Nibblr app. Pick a date, a time and a title that describes your dinner well, including any specific dietary needs you are satisfying (vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, gluten-free etc.). If you are planning on having a casual dinner, you might choose to not add an end time, or extend the arrival time for your guests. This is your opportunity to perfectly characterise your dinner, to widen your dinner party guest list. So, remember details count!

Step 3: Get to Cooking

Are you not a world-renowned chef? No problem! When planning a Nibblr dinner, just let your imagination and creativity loose to create an experience worth sharing. Whether you are cooking off your favourite cook book, or based on your recollection of your mum’s Sunday dinner recipes. Or simply create your own dish, using your cooking skills to come up with a meal you feel comfortable making. If you are having a hard time finding inspiration, don’t be afraid to play it safe with your all-time classic “easy to make” recipes. This is a 100% judgement free zone where all everyone is looking for is a warm meal and conversation to share. You are not here for the Michelin star after all, for being a Nibblr host means much more beyond the cooking.

Step 4: Engage with your Table (Online & Offline)

If your guests have any technical questions regarding your Nibblr dinner (time, location etc) make sure to answer them through the Table Chat option. Once dinner is served, remember: a guest being good or bad depends on the host. Make being a guest an easy task by engaging in conversation, creating a cosy atmosphere and offering an authentic “chez moi” experience, and you might gain yourself some friends for life!

Step 5: Enjoy your Nibblr Dinner & its Perks

Being a Nibblr host comes with a long list of rewards, both intrinsic and extrinsic. Besides being a part of a memorable experience you will also receive a compensation for your efforts. Nibblr gives you control over that feature as well, by allowing you to be the one deciding the price per person for your dinner party! However, we hope that you are here more for the glory than for the money, and that the financial motivation isn’t your only reason for hosting your Nibblr dinners, as it is a great way to network and socialise with people in your area.  We hope you take a chance to host Nibblr dinners because making new friends has never been this easy!

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